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  • Q: What is SHPION ?
  • A: SHPION is Perl script for quick take some information about system.
  • Q: What OS SHPION support ?
  • A: SHPION already tested on Linux and OpenBSD but it support all unix platforms.I want add full FreeBSD and NetBSD support at next time.
  • Q: Why I must use it ?
  • A: Well, you don't must. SHPION is not a super_program. This script only for help you.You may do all things which do SHPION.But he do this more quickly.
  • Q: How install and execute it ?
  • A: You don't need install it but you must execute it from same directory where you copy script
    [liam@localhost downloads]$ cp shpion /_some_dir_
    [liam@localhost downloads]$ cd /_some_dir_
    [liam@localhost _some_dir_]$ /_some_dir_/shpion
  • Q: What are $$HN,$$NF ... ?
  • A: It is Host-Name, Not Found,and other magic chars. You may read this at the begin of script. Why I use this chars ? Because I want separate some parts of report_file. I think that you want fast search in report_file. You may use grep to find $$XY part.
  • Q: Why after execution SHPION script automaticaly deleted ?
  • A: Because some system administrators look at users home directorye, and if he find shpion_source you may have problem :). I want add cryptography to shpion_result_file in future.
  • Q: What is license and who it support ?
  • A: license is Gnu Public License. I support it now but future of SHPION depend of it popularity.
  • Q: Do you have problem with language ?
  • A: Yes. I know that my English is bad. It is not my native language. So, mail me please if you find some mistakes ...
  • Alex Cherkasov [4/10/2002]